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Grasslands Accountability Pillar Results

Grasslands Accountability Pillar Results

The Government of Alberta has released the results of the 2017-18 Accountability Pillar. Grasslands Superintendent, Scott Brandt commented, “We continue to be proud of the results in key areas related to our  strategic plan. Many of the measures in which Grasslands has excelled in the past are also strengths this year. Safe and Caring Schools and Education Quality have both received overall ratings of excellent and  continue to be rated above the provincial average. Eight important areas, in which Grasslands’ results were already rated high or very high were maintained and aligned with provincial results. These were: Program of studies, Drop Out Rate, High School Completion, Transition Rate, Work Preparation, Parental Involvement, Citizenship, and School Improvement. Our schools not only play an important role in preparing students academically but also in preparing them to be lifelong learners and in preparing them to be contributing citizens of our communities.” 

Grasslands is proud of the ongoing efforts of staff pertaining to the High School Drop Out Rate. Grasslands’ three-year average continues to be lower than it is in the rest of the province and the three-year High School Completion Rate is 78.1%, compared to 77% for Alberta, as a whole. There were several other important areas in which the 2017-2018 results were better than the previous three-year division average. These were: Rutherford Scholarship Eligibility, Transition Rate to Post-Secondary Education (6 yr), and Diploma Exam Participation Rates.

Each year, Alberta students write the Alberta Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) and Diploma Exams. Grades six and nine students write PAT tests in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Grade twelve students write diploma exams in nine core courses. Provincial achievement test results and diploma exam results help teachers and schools to plan instruction, improve learning, inform the general public about student achievement, and show trends within the province and the school division over time.

Grade six and nine PAT and grade twelve Diploma Exam results varied by subject and from school to school. Grasslands’ grade six students demonstrated improved results in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies compared to the previous three-year divisional averages. Brandt also stated, “Overall results on grade nine PATs and Diploma exams were not as strong as we would like and this will be a focus for the division. We recognize that provincial tests are one measure and that teacher assessment, based on working daily with students, provides another important set of data for student achievement. However, provincial test results are a metric that we cannot ignore. Each year our principals lead their staff in an analysis of our Accountability Pillar data and use this information as part of the school improvement planning cycle. It helps staff identify areas of celebration as well as areas for continuous improvement.”

Superintendent Scott Brandt concluded, "Individual schools will share more specific results with their school councils and in their school newsletters as part of an ongoing commitment to public accountability. We are proud that our schools are welcoming and safe places to work and learn. Our results reflect well on the work done in the schools by our staff and also on the support from parents and community members who assist our students.”