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Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Martha is a grade 9 student at Rolling Hills School. She was nominated by two of her teachers, Mrs. Short and Mr. O’Looney, because she exhibits a passion for art and creates amazing work.  She is a source of artistic inspiration to those around her.  


Martha discovered her interest in art when she was in elementary.  She began sketching with pencil, and in the last 3 years, has found her passion and talent for digital art, specifically character design.  Using a stylus, she is able to design flawless original characters on the computer. This process takes many steps.  She begins by creating a rough sketch, then filling it in, layer by layer, with thin lines, colors, etc.  Creating digital art is a way for Martha to bring her ideas and images to life for others to enjoy.


Her  inspiration comes from YouTube artists Emala Jiss and Mdazzle, and has a very anime feel to it.  For now, digital art is a hobby for Martha, although you can purchase one of her designs on teepublic.  She has plans to explore cartoon creation in the near future, and is hoping to take classes to help refine her skills and expand her career potential.  


Artist’s Quote: “Don’t be afraid to use references and inspiration from other artists.”


Check out a selection of Martha's work here: Grasslands Featured Artist