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The Government of Alberta has released the results of this year’s Accountability Pillar. Many of the measures in which Grasslands has excelled in the past are also strengths this year. The following measures were rated very high: Safe and Caring, Education Quality, Citizenship, and School Improvement. Additionally, Grasslands is very proud of our high rating in the areas of Program of Studies, Drop Out Rate, High School Completion, Transition Rate, Work Preparation and Parental Involvement.

Grasslands is proud of the focused efforts of staff pertaining to the Drop Out Rate. Grasslands’ three-year average continues to be lower than it is in the rest of the province and the three-year High School Completion Rate is 77.8%, compared to 76.1% for Alberta as a whole. There were several other important areas in which the 2016-2017 results were better than the previous three-year division average. These were: Safe and Caring, Programs of Studies, Education Quality, Provincial Achievement Test Excellence Level, Transition Rate (6 yr), Work Preparation, Citizenship and School Improvement.

Grasslands was not one of the twenty jurisdictions piloting the Grade Three Student Learning Assessments (SLAs). Grasslands will continue to concentrate on the use of our data on student reading levels and teacher assessments to enhance student learning at the primary level.

Grade Six and Nine results for students who wrote the Provincial Achievement Tests varied in subjects and from school to school. Overall, Grasslands students are trending upwards in both the achievement in the acceptable standard and the standard of excellence when looking at all subject areas combined over a three-year period. Divisionally, last year student results were maintained or improved in Grade Six Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and in Grade Nine Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In Grade Nine, the Standard of Excellence for Math and Social Studies improved significantly according to the Alberta Education Accountability Pillar.

The results vary by subject and from school to school for student performance on Diploma exams. This will be a continued focus for our high school students. Working within school contexts, Grasslands teachers will continue to work on identifying the priority outcomes from various curricula, developing common assessments and implementing effective and timely interventions, when necessary. Although Diploma results are one of many measures, they cannot be ignored and the results assist teachers to identify strategies that improve student learning.

Superintendent Scott Brandt stated, “Grasslands is committed to a strong literacy and numeracy foundation for all our students. We have intensive professional learning for teachers in all subject areas and the assistance of learning coordinators who support teachers in classrooms. Overall, Grasslands Public Schools students showed areas of strength as well as improvement and we are proud of the work of our students, teachers and support staff.”

Brandt further elaborated, "Each year our principals lead their staff in an analysis of our Accountability Pillar data and use this information as part of the school improvement planning cycle. It helps staff identify areas of celebration as well as areas for improvement. Individual schools will share more specific results with their school councils and in their school newsletters as part of an ongoing commitment to public accountability."