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Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist

Grasslands Featured Artist: Parker


 ---  Parker is a grade 5 student at Uplands Elementary School who possesses a natural talent for artistic composition.  He was nominated by his teacher, Miss Van Herk, because “he is the perfect example of a creative artist who is always up for a challenge. Parker began his grade 5 year believing he was the worst artist in the class. Throughout the year he realized that many of his classmates were envious of his creations. He shows dedication to his art work and always takes his time.” 

Parker most enjoys creating abstract designs.  Pencil crayons are his preferred tool; however he enjoys experimenting with different mediums as well. He has been encouraged to explore his artistic talents by his family, friends and teachers. His grandmother has also been a huge source of inspiration with her expertly painted landscapes.  Parker finds the creation process to be relaxing and helps calm his mind. His advice to fellow artists would be to colour or paint in the same direction.

When Parker isn’t busy designing, you can find him playing hockey and lacrosse.  He plans to continue his pursuit of fine arts in school.


Artist’s Quote: “Anyone can be a good artist if you try.”


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