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Sleep Seminar

SLEEP SEMINAR Does your child have signs of sleep deprivation such as crankiness, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, memory or concentration problems? Join us for this free information session. We all know that good sleep habits are important for children. But parents’ busy schedules, children’s evening activities & difficulties getting children to fall asleep & stay in bed at night can have a big impact on how much & how well children are sleeping. Research shows lack of sleep can negatively affect a child's temperament, behavior, ability to learn &more. This presentation will cover topics such as: ✓ How much sleep children really need ✓ Causes of some common sleep issues ✓ How to get children to fall asleep ✓ Getting children to stay in their own beds at night The Sleep Seminar is a 1 ½ hour presentation, held monthly at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital. It is also available at the Brooks Health Center (& other locations upon request) via videoconferencing. Caution: The suggestions & recommendations provided in this seminar are NOT for parents/guardians of children who are not functioning at a developmental level of 18 months of age or older, or have any illnesses or disorders that may require 24-hour care and one-to-one attention of an adult. For help with sleep issues involving these children, contact your Public Health Nurse or Physician. 2017 Seminar Dates: Thursday, January 12 Monday, February 13 Thursday, March 9 Thursday, April 6 Thursday, May 4 Thursday, June 8 Thursday, July 13 Thursday, September 14 Thursday, October 12 Thursday, November 9 Thursday, December 7 9:30-11:30 a.m. • Seminar available via videoconferencing at Brooks, Hospital & other AHS locations, upon request. • Pre-registration necessary: Call CHADS Behavioral Services at 403-502-8257.