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Grasslands District Levels Programs (grades 4 - 12)

The Grasslands District Levels Programs are designed to meet the needs of students with intellectual or complex medical disabilities.

Our programs are located in three schools- Griffin Park School (grades 4 - 6), BJHS (grades 7 - 9) and BCHS (grades 10 - 12) - and accept qualifying students from across the division.  Admission to the program is made through consultation with parents and district staff after assessment and achievement data are obtained.  The programs are staffed by teachers and a number of assistants based on student and program needs.  Functional and adaptive skills including independent living, life, social and employment skills are emphasized through a variety of activities within the school and the community.  Assessment techniques reflect the classroom learning experiences which are based on modified expectations of the Alberta Education Program of Studies. Assessments may include: samples of daily work or portfolio; checklists, observation (formal and informal); specific task performance or group work; professional judgment; tests (formal, informal, oral and written); self and peer assessments.  Students in our programs may spend time in a specialized setting, the regular classroom setting, community settings or, in most cases, a combination based on individual learning goals and objectives.  An emphasis is placed on the development of skills required for the highest level of independent functioning the student is capable of, to facilitate the transition to adult life at age18.

Students in this program work toward a Certificate of Program Completion which is awarded during graduation ceremonies after the third year of high school.

Students being referred for one of the Division Levels Programs must first meet the criteria. Please contact Patti Jones, Student Support Services for information regarding criteria. If a student meets the criteria and placement in the Division Levels Program is recommended, the following steps must be followed:

1. An application for Program Placement must be completed and forwarded to Patti Jones at Central Office with documentation including current assessment data and program recommendations.

2. If program placement is approved by Student Support Services in consultation with the school, the application will be signed and returned to the school. Once this is done, written parent permission for placement must be obtained. The signed permission form must be returned to Student Support Services.

3. Once the Parent Permission form has been forwarded to Central Office, an official Letter of Placement will be sent from CO to the student's parents and school confirming that the student will be attending the Division Levels Program. Placement in the Levels Program will continue until a different placement is agreed upon with parents and the school. At that time, an exit form must be completed.