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Grasslands Student Art Gallery


Welcome to the 2018-2019 Grasslands Student Art Gallery webpage!


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    Throughout the year, I will be offering small art workshops to different schools within Grasslands.     

Creating art has been proven to be therapeutic (reduces stress), encourage creative thinking and problem solving, increase brain plasticity, and allow for personal expression. 


GSAG Art Workshop 1:

Fluid Painting with Acrylics

Thank-you to BJHS staff for allowing me to invade your space and work with some of your students! During our 3 part workshop, we had a great time playing with paint and made some amazing pieces.

The beginning...


After a brief lesson on color and fluid paint additives, the group began experimenting with different pouring techniques. Messy, but oh so fun!

The finished product...

After painting with the acrylics, we added some minor embellishments and words.  Finally, we coated the pieces with Ecopoxy resin for a glossy, durable finish. The pictures honestly don't do it justice!



The Artists: Katie, Ali, Brianna, Kyra

Missing: Shelby and Claire (assistant)